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GTIP presents: Neighborhood Gathering in Haverown, PA
The Intersections of Yoga, Meditation, and Gestalt Therapy

Offered by Christine (Citrini) Jeuland Ware, Ph.D., E-RYT(500)

April 29, 2017, 9am-12pm
Mind-Body Services & the TriYoga Center of Philadelphia

Similar to Gestalt, yoga is a philosophy and practice of connection, as individuals develop their sense of relatedness to other people, other beings, the environment, and the universe. Individuals also develop their sense of connection to their self through yoga, becoming more and more aware of the links between mind, body, breath, feelings, memories, experiences, health, and states of consciousness. Yoga practices are one way to integrate work with the body, the breath, emotions, thoughts, interpersonal relationships, self-acceptance, healthy lifestyle choices, and self-awareness (emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually/existentially). In this workshop, we will explore psychology from a yogic perspective and yoga-based principles useful in therapy, as well as the natural intersections of yoga and Gestalt theory and practices. We will consider the ways yoga and Gestalt “experiments” can enhance each other to promote health and wellness. This workshop will be didactic and experiential, providing ample opportunities for participants to personally experience mind-body, yoga, and meditation practices.

Learning Objectives:
(1) Participants will be able to articulate distinguishing features of psychology from the yogic perspective, including the way that yoga promotes bodily, behavioral, cognitive, affective, and energetic change
(2) Participants will experience yoga practices that can enhance Gestalt therapy (including yoga-based breathing, movement, concentration, relaxation, and meditation practices)
(3) Participants will be able to identify the intersections of yoga-based principles and Gestalt theory

Space is limited. The workshop is free to the Alumni of GTIP and people interested in learning more from GTIP. Send your intention to attend, along with your licensing information to Valerie Kellom, vlkellom@gmail.com  or call with questions to 609-980-6667.

Two CE credits will be given free to Alumni and Associates; otherwise, there is a $20 administrative charge for credits

Please note: Please wear comfortable clothing. Please be prepared to leave shoes, food, and drink (other than water) outside of the yoga room. You will be encouraged to sit on the floor (with meditation cushions, back jacks, or the wall for support); for those who prefer or require sitting in chairs, a few chairs will be available. (The room is ADA compliant). Food and drink provided by GTIP will be available in other areas before and after the workshop, as well as during breaks.


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