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Mind-Body Services houses the TriYoga Center of Philadelphia and Dr. Christine J. Ware's psychotherapy practice, as well as acupuncture with Theresa Hoang, massage & myofascial release therapy with Fran McCue and Beth Geiss, integrative health coaching with Bridget Phillips, and spiritual direction with Jai Śakti and Dr. Ware. The TriYoga Center offers yoga classes for all levels, teacher trainings, private and semi-private instruction, and workshops with TriYoga senior teachers. Mind-Body Services and the TriYoga Center promote well-being, explore the connections between mind-body-spirit, and address healing and stress-related concerns through complementary modalities. We seek to promote transformation, connection, and balance. Dr. Ware welcomes clients interested in integrating psychotherapy with yoga or meditation practices.




Class schedules - We are going back to our roots and offering yoga classes and meditation by donation! Join us anytime! During the summertime, our schedule will be different in July and August. For more information, visit our schedule-fees page. Monday and Wednesday classes through the end of June 2017 are from 6-7:30pm; they then switch to 6:30-8pm. There will be NO CLASSES from JULY 15-31 and AUGUST 19-23. Monday evening classes will continue on July 3 and 10. In August, there will no longer be Monday evening classes; instead we will offer Saturday morning class. Also, please note that we have recently reduced our class offerings due to attendance and as student schedules have evolved. We hope to reinstate classes soon. Please contact the studio if you and some friends are interested! We will enthusiastically add classes back in with 3+ students interested!

Summer Level 2 & 3 classes - Due to interest, we are adding several advanced classes on Fridays during the summer. For more information, visit our Events page.

Special Offers:

• Gift certificates for yoga classes, workshops, private instruction, acupuncture, and massage and myofascial treatments!





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