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PranamBinaka in CatExtended Runner's ArchKaliji in Toe StretchTheresa and Citrini in meditationCitrini in Full CamelCitrini in Balanced PyramidClass in Basic Twist Citrini in BridgeMaretta assisted in MountainCitrini in ShoulderstandLocust to inner eyeCitrini in Serenity Class in Side Warrior Citrini in Wheel Lift Citrini in Extended Fish Citrini in Camel Arch Class in Extended Forearm MountainCitrini in FireflyKaliji smiling and chantingCitrini in Child 1Citrini in Leg StretchNatarajasanaClass in ChildClass in Extended Toe StretchCitrini in Extended Fish Citrini in Side T-balancePrenatal TortoiseBinaka in TriangleCitrini in Swan Thigh StretchCitrini in Extended RabbitCitrini in Forearm Wheel walkdown at wallCitrini in Raised Cobra ArchCitrini in LocustClass in WarriorKaliji smilingCitrini in Runner's ArchCitrini in Forearm Wheel LiftCitrini, Kashi and Emily Citrini in Extended MountainKaliji chanting blissCitrini in Balanced PyramidClass in Leg Stretch-Runner flow Rebecca in MountainCitrini in Fish Toe Stretch 2Citrini in Warrior BowClass in Arrow Eagle Binaka in Eagle TwistCitrini in Full Swan ArchCitrini in King CobraCitrini in Raised Runner TwistClass in Extended Shoulder StretchAssisted Side T-balanceCitrini in Crane.jpg Citrini in Extended WheelKashi in Runner's ArchExtended MonkeyCitrini in Inverted BridgeEric in Headstand.jpg Kaliji chantingCitrini in Cross Balance Gerry in SwanKaliji mudra smileCitrini in Extended Side SlantCitrini in Warrior BowCitrini in Bow Swan ArchKashi in the flow of teachingCitrini in Extended Bridge Fish Gerry in Forward BendCitrini in Extended Hanuman ArchEesha in Reclined ButterflyRebecca in ChildCitrini in Forearm ScorpionSide Warrior 3Kaliji in Toe StretchCitrini in Tortoise BowAssisted Forearm MountainCitrini in V-pressCitrini in Half Tortoise TwistYogini KalijiNamasteSri Cakra



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