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TriYoga Flow with Bindu - Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Earth 108 Free the Hips and Spine with Mitradeva

Devi Dance by Kaliji in Singapore

TriYoga Free the Spine with Brahmi

Interview with Yogini Kaliji by Brahmi

TriYoga Flow Salutation

Excerpt from Earth Flow DVD

Excerpt from Water Flow DVD

Excerpt from Fire Flow DVD

Excerpt from Air Flow DVD

Excerpt from TriYoga Kids DVD


Articles by our very own:

Ware, C. J. (2009, updated 2013). Why yoga, massage, and psychotherapy in a medical building? Download PDF. (Article written for and published by Mind-Body Services).

Ware, C. J. (2009, July/Aug). Relaxing into motherhood with prenatal yoga and massage. Yoga Living, 11(1), 40. Download PDF.

Ware, C. (2009, winter). Times of transition: Adapting to change.The Connection: The Birth Center Newsletter, 6. Download PDF.

Ware, C. J. (2007, July/Aug). The intersection of yoga and psychotherapy. Yoga Living, 9(1), 30, 32-33, 49. Download PDF.

Ware, C. J. (2007, June). Yoga and psychotherapy. Yoga Therapy in Practice, 3(2), 15-17. Download PDF.

Ware, C. J. (2007, Jan/Feb). Yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy. Yoga Living, 8(4), 12-13. Download PDF.

Ware, C. (2006, Nov/Dec). Yoga for children and adolescents.Yoga Living, 8(3), 28. Download PDF.


Websites of Interest:

Sites related to Kali Ray TriYoga

TriYoga website

TriYoga Center of Central Pennsylvania website (State College, PA) and Theresa Shay

Devi Yoga Center (Sebastopol, CA) and Kashi

Datta Peetham website & information about Swamiji (Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji)

Sanskrit Academy

Other yoga-related sites

Yoga Alliance

Lifeforce Yoga and information about Amy Weintraub

International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

Suppliers of yoga props and items


Recommended DVDs and Videos:

From Kali Ray TriYoga:

Free the Hips DVD

Free the Spine DVD

Strengthening DVD

Gentle Cardio DVD

Yoga for Kids DVD

Yoga for Two DVD

Seniors DVD

Level 1 (The science of body-mind health and fitness) VHS


Favorite Readings:

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