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2017 Class Schedule

Ongoing registration - from the first to the last day of each month


Citrini in Inverted Bridge

We will gladly add classes to our schedule if we have 3+ people interested in a different class time.



Please note: We have recently reduced our class offerings due to attendance and as student schedules have evolved. We hope to reinstate classes soon (crossed out below, and some others). Please contact the studio if you and some friends are interested! We will enthusiastically add classes back in with 3+ students interested!

Day Time Level Teacher
Mon 6-7:30 pm Basics * Bindu
Tue 6-7:30 pm All Levels Citrini
Wed 10am-12pm Level 2 ** Citrini
Wed 6-7:30 pm All Levels Bindu
Sat 9-10:30 am Basics * Citrini

Obtain and print the 2017 class schedule as a PDF file.

* Basics is the foundation level in TriYoga. Beginners, those seeking a restorative practice, and those new to TriYoga would be advised to start in Basics classes, the first level of TriYoga practice.

** Level 1 is the second level taught in TriYoga practice; it is recommended for those with some prior yoga experience. Prior TriYoga experience is strongly suggested for Levels 2 & 3. Please contact the studio if unsure which level class to attend.




Each session runs from the first to the last day of the month.

Gerry in Swan


Please see the dropdown menus below for our tuition.
We offer monthly session registrations and single classes (drop-in) options.

Class Registration

Group Yoga Class Registration
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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for Group Yoga Classes
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If you are purchasing a gift certificate, please provide us with the recipient's name and contact information (address, email, phone numbers). Please specify whether you'd prefer the gift certificate to be sent to them via the postal service or via email.


Class in Extended Toe Stretch

2-month Registration Discount
$10 discount
for registering for two consecutive months

(Discount is on the total payment. Discount is not per class/week).

Register with a Friend

Both you and your friend receive $15 off
One of you must be new to the TriYoga Center

(Cash/check payments only. Cannot be combined with the New Student discount. Can be combined with the 2-month registration discount).


New Student Discount
$15 off class registration

(New students only. Cash/check payments only. Must be redeemed within 2 months of taking your first class at the TriYoga Center. Cannot be combined with the Register with a Friend discount. Can be combined with the 2-month registration discount).


Pre-registration is requested. Payment must be received to register and hold a space. Payment is expected by the first class. New students must send their contact information (i.e., name, address, phone, email) along with payment. You are welcome to join classes at any time. After the first week of the month, please attend classes as a drop-in for the rest of the month. ~ No refunds will be made once classes have begun. Missed classes may be made up within the same session by attending a different class or by bringing a friend to class. (Missed classes in the last week of the month may be made up in the new session provided that you are registered for classes in that month). ~ A minimum of 3 registered students is required to hold a class. ~ With presentation of valid ID, students and seniors (age 65+) can receive the reduced registration rates (see dropdown menus above).



Living Social purchasers: Vouchers have expired (as of Aug. 19, 2014). You may redeem your remaining balance as a credit toward our class fees/registration.

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